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EPA’s New Recreational Water Quality Criteria and What it Means for Clean Water

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently released its 2012 recreational water quality criteria (RWQC), which updates existing criteria in effect since 1986. Although the numeric criteria values remained relatively unchanged, other alterations, including EPA’s recommended 30-day averaging period, will make the criteria more difficult to meet.
Though there was no evidence that EPA’s 1986 criteria […]

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Extreme Weather, Growing Populations, Aging Systems: Can We Afford to Keep Under-Investing?

For too long, our Nation has ignored the growing needs of our water infrastructure. We’ve chronically underinvested in upgrades, overhauls, and basic maintenance of these systems—some of which are hundreds of years old in our oldest cities. Yes, our oldest cities like New York City. It took an event like Hurricane Sandy, unfortunately, to expose […]

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Can Water Quality Trading Help Us Address Our Growing Nutrient Challenge?

It is no secret that nutrient pollution is a significant problem affecting waterbodies across the United States.  Excess nitrogen and phosphorous are contributing to some of the largest algal blooms, fish kills, shellfish poisonings, and deadzones in the country. More than 60% of the rivers and bays in every coastal state are moderately to severely […]

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An Open Letter to President Obama on the Importance of Investing in Clean Water Infrastructure

Dear Mr. President,

Congratulations on your re-election! It was certainly a hard-fought campaign and NACWA looks forward to working with your Administration in its second term on a robust clean water policy agenda. 
On the heels of the Nation’s 40th anniversary celebration of the Clean Water Act (CWA) and the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, I am writing […]

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Ensuring Lessons Learned from Hurricane Sandy

NACWA sends its thoughts out to all those affected by Hurricane Sandy. We also thank the men and women working at clean water utilities for their tireless efforts to ensure that clean water is provided and wastewater and stormwater are treated in the face of the most difficult circumstances. 
As we have seen with hurricanes Katrina […]

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Workshops on Integrated Planning … Coming Soon to a Region Near You

Although EPA’s recently released Integrated Planning Framework promises additional flexibility for clean water agencies, ensuring that the framework is put to use remains a challenge. Many utilities remain skeptical that the framework can help their agency or are hesitant to draw the attention of regulators. Questions remain over how the framework can be used, the […]

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