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EPA Makes the Right Call on Addressing Nutrient Discharges from Clean Water Agencies

Consistent with NACWA’s recommendations, on December 14, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a strongly worded denial of the Natural Resources Defense Council’s (NRDC) 2007 petition that sought to modify the secondary treatment regulations to include nutrient removal. NRDC wanted one-size-fits-all limits for nitrogen and phosphorus for all 15,000+ public wastewater utilities across the […]

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Providing More than Clean Water

Clean water utilities are undergoing a remarkable transformation. They are evolving from wastewater treatment plants to resource recovery facilities. Instead of simply collecting and treating wastewater, forward-thinking utilities are becoming managers of valuable resources, a partner in local economic development, and a provider of environmental benefits to their watershed community.
They are doing this by reclaiming […]

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On Climate Change, Hurricanes, and the Need for Resiliency

In October 2009, NACWA and the Association of the Metropolitan Water Agencies (AMWA) released a report detailing the effects climate change will have on wastewater and drinking water utilities. The adaptation costs for these critical facilities were estimated at between $448 billion and $944 billion through 2050.  Hurricane Sandy reminded us all that climate change […]

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Defending Water Quality Trading in Court—The Right Thing To Do

As has been previously discussed on this blog, water quality trading presents an exciting and innovative opportunity to achieve clean water improvements in an environmentally responsible and cost-effective way. This is particularly true for the Chesapeake Bay watershed and others that are impaired by excess nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus. Nutrient trading programs, especially […]

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