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Sequestration Affecting Clean Water Programs

As previously anticipated, on March 1 automatic spending cuts known as sequestration went into effect as required by the Budget Control Act of 2011 (BCA). These cuts likely will mean a $74.9 million decrease to the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF), putting it at $1.393 billion.  In addition, the Build America Bond Program is […]

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Mississippi River Litigation Highlights Complexities of Nutrients

A few weeks ago, NACWA and a number of other groups filed legal briefs in an ongoing federal court case over regulation of nutrients in the Mississippi River Basin (MRB).  At its heart, the case is about whether the federal government or individual states should take the lead in developing nutrient water quality criteria, and […]

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Green Infrastructure: Have We Reached a Tipping Point?

Use of green infrastructure continues to grow in cities around the Nation.
Increasingly, communities are turning to green infrastructure to reduce or eliminate runoff by capturing stormwater where it falls rather than allowing it to enter sewer systems. The result is improved water quality, flood mitigation, reduced urban temperatures, decreased energy costs, and other aesthetic and […]

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The Costs of Flushable Wipes Clogging Pipes

In previous posts on The Water Voice, I provided background information on the problems caused by flushable wipes and other non-dispersible products that are disposed of in the sewer system, and then an update on some success with improved labeling on Costco products and continued state efforts to improve labeling. As NACWA continues to work on […]

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