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Is Beer the Next Frontier for Clean Water Utilities?

There is a ‘yuck’ factor associated with what has traditionally been called Toilet to Tap initiatives in the arena of water reuse; but this may be changing.  With the summer upon us, and for some parts of the country, historic drought, comes renewed national attention on the issue of potable water reuse.  Two NACWA Member […]

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Unmanned Aerial Systems and the Utility of the Future

UAS and the UOTF

Unmanned Aerial Systems (also called UAS or drones) are now inexpensive to acquire and cost-effective and easy to operate. UAS are already in use in many industries in the United States including energy, emergency response, and the motion picture industry. UAS technology has been used worldwide since about 2013 to conduct inspections of […]

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Climate Resiliency: Local Perspectives, Global Ideas, and the Upcoming International Water & Climate Forum

As cities seek to redesign the way they manage water in response to changing climate conditions, it has become clear that a “one water” approach that unites drinking water, wastewater treatment, recycled water, and stormwater management efforts is the most beneficial to addressing many resiliency challenges while providing a wide range of community benefits.
LA Sanitation, […]

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The Cost of Clean Water

How much should clean water cost?  Should I have to pay more for my water and sewer bill than I do for cable TV?  What is the true value of having clean and safe rivers, lakes and estuaries?  These are important questions that garner significant and ongoing discussion, but one thing is clear: the cost […]

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