Monthly Archives: June 2016

Utilities Achieve Chesapeake Bay Nutrient Goals 10 Years Ahead of Schedule

Many folks believe that the greatest challenge to improving water quality is eliminating hypoxic zones, often termed “dead zones,” which are areas in lakes and oceans of such low oxygen concentration that aquatic life dies. These hypoxic zones are fueled by the presence of excessive amounts of nutrients – mainly phosphorus and nitrogen. The consequences […]

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Balancing the Need for Investment with Low-income Customer Affordability

As communities across the nation address the ever-pressing need to maintain and update its water infrastructure, a larger question looms, ‘How do sewer and water utilities make these much-needed investments while being mindful about affordability, particularly as it relates to low-income customers?’  In short, how do utilities balance the staggering need for investment vs. low-income […]

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