2018 Winter Conference to Explore Net Environmental Benefit

Plan now to attend NACWA’s 2018 Winter Conference, Exploring Net Environmental Benefit: Balancing Science & Cost, February 6 – 9 in Napa, CA. While clean water agencies are investing significant resources to improve water quality, they continue to face increasingly complex regulatory challenges, including more stringent water quality standards, and other mandates that are adding to their list of investment needs.

From a purely scientific standpoint these new requirements appear necessary to achieve the ultimate goals of the Clean Water Act. From a policy perspective, however, does it make sense to continue efforts to meet these increasingly stringent requirements—and the high price tags that come with them—when smarter investments in other water, or broader environmental areas, can more quickly and effectively enhance water quality and protect public health?

With sights set on Exploring Net Environmental Benefit: Balancing Science & Cost, the compelling agenda for NACWA’s 2018 Winter Conference will examine the intersection of science, policy, and cost – and its impact on the clean water community.

Registration will be available on the conference webpage on December 1. We look forward to seeing you in Napa in February!

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