Ahhh Summer


Aaah, summer – that long anticipated stretch of lazy, lingering days, free of responsibility and rife with possibility. – Darell Hammond

What happened to summer?  It used to be that summer would be quiet, Congress would be home in their districts, and if they were in DC not much would be going on.  Drive-time traffic would be lighter, but roads would still be filled with tourists in town to see the sights.  As for our Association and our sector, you would hear from colleagues on occasion – but overall it was a time for vacations, gearing up for the fall, and political change.

This summer, not only is Congress in rare form, but we have said good bye to some long-time colleagues and hello to some new leadership.  Take a look at the changes over the past few weeks:

  • President Obama re-nominated Ken Kopocis to head U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Water Office.
  • NACWA submitted comments to the Federal Trade Commission recommending that its proposed settlement agreement on wipes be finalized without change.
  • EPA announced its Water Infrastructure & Resiliency Finance Center.
  • The Federal Appeals court upheld Chicago’s TMDL Consent Decree.
  • NACWA elected a new President, Adel Hagekhalil from the City of LA – LA Sanitation.
  • The U.S. Water Alliance appointed a new President, Radhika Fox.
  • Our long-time Chief Executive Officer Ken Kirk prepares to retire (on Friday); and,
  • Our new Chief Executive Officer, Adam Krantz, will assume leadership of the Association on Monday.

It’s barely the end of July and I haven’t even mentioned the Congressional Budget, or the beginning of U.S. Presidential campaigns!  Perhaps it’s best to reflect on the end of Darell Hammond’s quote – “ahhh, summer  . . . . . rife with possibility.”

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