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Winning High School Science Fair Project Creates Interest in Energy/Water Nexus

We all create wastewater. Every time we brush our teeth, wash dishes, do laundry, bathe, and flush the toilet, used water flows from our homes through a vast network of pipes to a treatment plant where the water is cleaned and released back into the environment. Wastewater is generated from churches, schools, hospitals, businesses, and […]

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The New Alchemy: Turning Waste into Energy

The award-winning Southside Wastewater Treatment Plant commenced in 1964.  Since then, the plant has grown from less than 10 MGD to current permitted design of 110 MGD. Southside is one of the two wastewater treatment plants owned and operated by City of Dallas Water Utilities (DWU). Both plants are responsible for treating all of the […]

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Snapshot of Our Members: NACWA by the Numbers

I love annual reports.  Partially because I really am inspired by the graphics, and partially because it is fodder for the future.  Last week, we released our 2014-2015 Year at a Glance – NACWA by the Numbers . . . Impact through Advocacy, Return on Investment & A Healthy Environment.  And we couldn’t be more pleased with this […]

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The Utility of the Future at Work: Biomethane as New Sources of Energy & Income

Clean water agencies seek more sustainable energy management and options for management of residuals produced in the process of cleaning dirty water.  The American Biogas Council (ABC) reports that “[t]he U.S. has over 2,000 sites producing biogas: 239 anaerobic digesters on farms, 1,241 wastewater treatment plants using an anaerobic digester . . . and 636 […]

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Protecting Biosolids Recycling: Update on Local Bans and Tort Lawsuits

Biosolids recycling and beneficial use enjoyed significant success on the legal front in recent years.  Efforts by local governments to ban land application of biosolids largely have been kept at bay. In February 2013, the California Court of Appeal dealt a likely fatal blow to Kern County’s effort to ban land application of biosolids when […]

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Utility of The Future at Work: San Antonio Water System

Gregg Eckhardt is guest blogger to The Water Voice and a Senior Resource Analyst for San Antonio Water System.
Today, attendees at NACWA’s National Clean Water Law Seminar in San Antonio, Texas glimpsed the utility of the future in a luncheon address by Steve Clouse, Senior Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer of the San Antonio Water […]

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Providing More than Clean Water

Clean water utilities are undergoing a remarkable transformation. They are evolving from wastewater treatment plants to resource recovery facilities. Instead of simply collecting and treating wastewater, forward-thinking utilities are becoming managers of valuable resources, a partner in local economic development, and a provider of environmental benefits to their watershed community.
They are doing this by reclaiming […]

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