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Water Week 2017: Reaching New Heights

Water Week 2017 has come and gone and the Association has plenty to be thankful for, and optimistic about.  Eight major association partners collaborated, more than 30 water-related organizations endorsed/supported, and attendance was the best in the event’s history.  This means that Water Week has reached new heights of unity in terms of its mission […]

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Momentum Builds for Water Week, Don’t Miss Out!!

Water Week 2017 is just around the corner, and excitement is quickly building as key members of Congress confirm their participation and an agenda of high-caliber events rounds into shape.  Anchored by the National Water Policy Fly-In (March 21-22) and the inaugural Capitol Hill Rally for Water (March 22) the Week will provide a pivotal […]

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Water, NACWA and the 2016 Election Cycle

It’s finally over. One of the most unique presidential elections in history.  It was the first election where both presidential candidates actually focused on infrastructure and used the word “water” multiple times in multiple speeches – a victory for our often-overlooked sector!  NACWA has always maintained that water is a uniquely bipartisan or non-partisan issue. […]

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Senate Comes Together on Water Infrastructure; Attention Turns to the House of Representatives

While Washington may have a well-deserved reputation for partisan gridlock, the U.S. Senate took a major step on September 15  towards showing that issues around water and water infrastructure can be overwhelming bipartisan when it passed S.2848, the Water Resources Development Act of 2016 (WRDA), with a thumping 95-3 vote. In an intense election season […]

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Balancing the Need for Investment with Low-income Customer Affordability

As communities across the nation address the ever-pressing need to maintain and update its water infrastructure, a larger question looms, ‘How do sewer and water utilities make these much-needed investments while being mindful about affordability, particularly as it relates to low-income customers?’  In short, how do utilities balance the staggering need for investment vs. low-income […]

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Building 21st Century Infrastructure for 21st Century Cities

The creation of modern water and wastewater systems was one of the most significant public health achievements of the 20th century. Drinking water treatment and systems brought safe, reliable drinking water to homes and businesses. Clean water systems eliminated deadly diseases such as cholera and typhoid and helped extend life expectancy in the U.S. by […]

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Could It Be? Stars Aligning for Potential Major CWA Improvements

Last week, I had the privilege of giving a federal policy update at the Texas Water conference in Ft. Worth.  As part of my presentation, I asked audience members to shout out the first word that came to mind when they thought about Washington, DC and Congress.  “Dysfunction,” “broken,” and “polarized” were among the favorites […]

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