Exploring Partnerships Between the Water & Technology Sectors

As part of its compelling agenda, NACWA’s 2017 Utility Leadership Conference (ULC), Peer-to-Peer Partnership . . . Exploring Today’s Utility Challenges Together, will explore the potential for partnerships between the water sector and the technology sector.  The Utility of the Future initiative has focused renewed attention on the promise of technological advancements to provide better and more cost-effective ways to protect water quality and the environment. Utility leaders, however, do not always think of technology providers as their partners.  In an increasingly complex and competitive environment, utility mangers and technology providers have the potential to make exponential improvements in water quality and efficiency by learning more about one another and better understanding the challenges each face. For the ULC, NACWA has teamed up with Affiliate Member XPV Partners to offer a one-of-a-kind panel presentation and roundtable discussion focusing on the potential for such partnerships – Just one of the many reasons to register today for Peer-to-Peer Partnership…Solving Today’s Utility Challenges Together, July 23 – 26, in St. Louis, MO.

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