Financing Makes the World Go Round



It used to be money but lately it seems that financing is what makes the world go ‘round, or at least for the water sector. And NACWA has been working increasingly with our members, the federal government and other organizations on financing.

NACWA’s Clean Water Finance Work Group met for the first time this month and is made up of General Managers, Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), Directors of Finance, and other top utility officials with an expertise in utility finance. The Workgroup will be a forum to share best financial practices, determine priorities and guide NACWA’s advocacy on new federal innovative finance policies, and leverage resources.

Working with EPA on the new Water Infrastructure Finance and Resiliency Center. One of the three main focuses of the finance center will be on providing assistance and information to those communities interested in entering public-private partnerships but NACWA also wants to use this network to ensure public-public partnerships where large public utilities can share their expertise and resources with middle-sized and small utilities.   

Our 2015 Utility Leadership Conference & 45th Anniversary Annual Meeting: Financing, Funding & Rates for the Future, taking place in Providence, RI.  As NACWA’s public utility members have embraced the principles and practices of the Utility of the Future (UOTF), they have started to stretch the boundaries of conventional municipal financing, looking for new sources of capital, using innovative financing approaches – including public-private partnerships for discrete projects (such as those focused on UOTF issues); century and green bonds; creative rate structures; and, more.  The 2015 Summer Conference would explore the drivers for these recent trends and build on discussions.

The American Water Summit: Scalable Solutions, taking place October 20-21 in Denver. NACWA is a partner in this event and has had significant input into the agenda, focusing on creating a dialogue between private and public interests on an array of issues related to private financing of public infrastructure. A benefit of our partnership is a discounted registration fee of $595 for NACWA Public Agency Members, and non-member public agency employees. The registration fee is less than half the cost for private sector attendees and $100 below other government and non-profit registrants. Please note this discount does not extend to Corporate, Legal or Supporting Affiliate Members. The Association encourages public agency General Managers to attend along with their CFOs, CIOs, COOs or other key agency officials interested in the arena of public-private partnerships (P3s).  To register for the Summit visit the event website, and if you have any questions relating to the Agency discount or the event in general, please contact the organizers.

We look forward to seeing you at these events and engaging you in the growing dialogue on clean water financing.

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