If a picture is worth 1,000 words – then an App is Even Better!

101415_pictureOver the course of the year, our staff has been sharing favorite graphics, games and more for use on your tablet, laptop or mobile device.  Below are the sites and apps that we found to be useful, entertaining, innovative or just plain addictive — and in some cases, all of the above.

Infographics: We love these informative and interactive graphics that show wastewater data and patterns in easy-to-understand and colorful ways!

Great Photos: Whether on Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram or Google +, these photos make us want to ditch our camera phones.

Wastewater Games: We promise not to tell anyone that you are spending your time playing these wastewater-centric games!

  • Help Officer Gus– from our friends at Alexandria Renew Enterprises, this game features Officer Gus, the water drop, as he takes you through the wastewater treatment process from beginning to end.
  • Thirstin’s Question & Answer Game– developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, what is your water IQ?
  • Where’s my Water App– Those folks at Disney sure know how to create an app!  Help Swampy by guiding water to his broken shower. Each level is a challenging puzzle and includes real life water scenarios.

Videos: Sometimes a video is what’s worth 1,000 words.

  • Wonderville – Where Does the Water Go? – created for inquisitive minds this website focused on STEM education has a games and videos specifically on explaining the world around you.
  • You Can’t Live a Day Without Me – from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and features cameos by ex-49ers great Ronnie Lott and former San Francisco Mayor Willie L. Brown, Jr.
  • Imagine a Day Without Water – this video from Denver Water in support of the Value of Water Coalition’s efforts had us humming and laughing all day!

Unique visuals are the keys to community outreach in these days of social media.  Did we leave off a good example?  Let us know!


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