March Water Madness


Everyone loves holidays and observances.  Whether it be a national holiday like Independence Day, a religious or secular holiday or even an unofficial holiday – such as International Talk Like a Pirate Day – we all have our favorites.  March happens to be choke-full of fun unofficial holidays that are meaningful to the clean water industry.  So in addition to getting crazy about basketball in March, be sure to throw some mad celebrations over water and the work of clean water professionals on these specials days:

  • March 3 – World Wildlife Day
    Fun Fact: while over 1.2 million marine species have already been catalogued, 91% of aquatic species still await taxonomic classification  
  • March 11 – World Plumbing Day
    Be kind to your pipes – don’t flush wipes!
  • March 18 – National Agriculture Day
    National Agriculture Day is a salute to American Agriculture and everyone who plays a role in it, including the water sector.
  • March 20 – International Earth Day
    While most folks celebrate Earth Day on April 22, the first International Earth Day was originally proposed for the vernal equinox – which falls on March 23 this year.
  • March 22 – World Water Day
    A program initiated by the United Nations, in 1993; this year’s theme for World Water Day is “Water and Sustainable Development”

All of these holidays celebrate something that is linked to our members’ contributions to our health, environment, aquatic resources and quality of life.The tireless efforts of the clean water community make it possible for us to enjoy our favorite holiday no matter what or when it might be.

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