Celebrating 45 Years of the Clean Water Act

NACWA Celebrates the 45th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act

Today, the idea of protecting the Nation’s water quality and our most treasured waterways is common sense but just over four decades ago there was no consistent national approach to protect us from water pollution.  For over four decades now, NACWA’s public clean water agency members have been working 24-7 to clean the Nation’s waters and the progress has been astounding. For this reason, NACWA wants to wish the Clean water Act a happy 45th birthday and salute clean water agencies from coast-to-coast for their invaluable contributions to the Nation’s environmental, public health and economic well-being.

But we still have a long way to go, beginning with a renewed and enduring federal-state-local partnership to investing in upgrading the water infrastructure that has made these gains possible. In the early years of the CWA, the Federal Government’s share of  total water infrastructure nationwide stood at over 63%, and today it is estimated at less than 5%.

When we blow out the candles today to usher in the Clean Water Act’s birthday let’s make a collective wish that our Nation’s water infrastructure will be put at least on par with highways, airports, and bridges. Water deserves no less.

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