Participate in Groundbreaking Water Utility Big Data & Urban Sewer Management Study

NACWA supports WE&RF’s Intelligent Water Systems research, and as part of the research, WE&RF, CH2M and the Smart Water Network Forum (SWAN) are conducting a cutting-edge research study to determine the current challenges, capabilities, and state of implementing (1) Big Data solutions in water sector networks and (2) Sensor networks in urban sewersheds (sewer collection systems)

For the study, researchers are conducting two, short 10-minute surveys, the results of which will be used to identify the major-use cases to be addressed, as well as the available and required technologies, including a gap analysis. This will provide the basis for a Phase II Demonstration Project.

Study participants will receive an aggregated copy of each survey’s final results.  To find out more about participating, visit the WE&RF website here.

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