Snapshot of Our Members: NACWA by the Numbers


I love annual reports.  Partially because I really am inspired by the graphics, and partially because it is fodder for the future.  Last week, we released our 2014-2015 Year at a Glance – NACWA by the Numbers . . . Impact through Advocacy, Return on Investment & A Healthy Environment.  And we couldn’t be more pleased with this year’s annual report!

Here are some highlights of NACWA by the Numbers:

  • 23,000 – the number of facilities and permit holders that benefit from exemptions in the Clean Water Rule (formerly Waters of the United States)
  • $1 million + – additional utility revenue from well structured stormwater fee programs nationwide.
  • 482 facilities – receiving our Peak Performance Award for NPDES compliance
  • 102 agencies – who have been members of NACWA for more than 25 years (out of 275 utilities)
  • 119 agencies – who are NACWA members have a population served of less than 150,000 (out of 275 utilities)

NACWA by the Numbers is a snapshot of how very proud we are of our members as they work to spur jobs, strengthen the economy, and protect and improve the environment. In the coming year NACWA will continue to focus on advocacy on behalf of its members, maintaining a strong commitment to providing exceptional return on investment.

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