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What is the Future of Stormwater Regulation?

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Last week, EPA announced a new schedule for its efforts to develop a revised national post-construction stormwater rule. This development has opened the door to continue an ongoing discussion about the future of stormwater regulation in the United States. Much has been written recently about changes in urban stormwater management occurring across the United States. This change is significant, moving from an old model of using impervious surface to run stormwater runoff into collection systems (and nearby waterbodies) as quickly as possible to a new focus on retaining stormwater onsite and slowing its flow into local waterways. The use of green infrastructure and low-impact development, as opposed to more traditional concrete and asphalt, is a key element of this innovative approach. But what is the impetus for this new stormwater management method, and what does it mean for municipal stormwater utilities?

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