The Power of Video


Runoff is a tough concept to explain.  Erin Wilcox, Water Resource Specialist for NEW Water, was quick on the draw with her camera when she witnessed this Wisconsin springtime phenomenon in action.

“They say a picture tells 1,000 words, and I knew it was fortunate to see runoff happening so distinctly before my eyes,” she said.

Runoff is a key component to the watershed improvement work NEW Water, the brand of the Green Bay Metropolitan Sewerage District, is doing outside the fence.  Facing new rules regarding phosphorus discharge limits, NEW Water is seeking the most cost-effective solution for the community.  Building a new facility to further ratchet down the amount of phosphorus discharged would cost between $200-400 million; community collaboration in the watershed will come in at a fraction of the cost, and yield a greater environmental benefit.

NEW Water has ventured into this phosphorus reduction collaboration, or Adaptive Management, with a pilot project in Silver Creek, where this video was filmed this spring.  This video is proving to be a useful tool to help NEW Water tell its story.  “With our Silver Creek Project, we hope that the land conservation practices installed will prevent sediment and nutrient runoff,” Wilcox said.  “The video demonstrates that it’s possible.”

Watch NEW Water’s “What is Runoff?” video. 

Learn more about NEW Water’s Silver Creek Project.


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