Trial Membership Campaign: Steps Toward ‘Every Utility a Member’ Vision

With its sights squarely on the vision of “Every Utility a Member”—including an ambitious goal of 1000 utilities in the association—NACWA has officially launched its Trial Membership Campaign for small and medium utilities serving populations of 75,000 or less.  These utilities make up a large swath of the Clean Water Community nationwide, and their addition to NACWA would not only strengthen our voice and advance our mission, it would strengthen the clean water sector as a whole.

The Trial Membership offers small and medium utilities the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits and resources of NACWA membership at a fraction of the price.  It was intentionally developed to make membership a feasible financial option for all utilities – allowing more of them to weigh in on advocacy issues, connect with peers from across the country, and share the innovative work they are implementing to serve their communities.

Current NACWA members are asked to support this effort by reaching out to at least one small or medium utility in their state or regional network and encourage them to learn more about the Association and join.  If each member brought in just one new member, our strength of numbers would multiply by hundreds, and greatly expand the peer-to-peer networking and resource sharing inherent with association membership.  To review a current list of members, visit the Public Agency Roster on the NACWA website.

New Members Join the Mission

NACWA is also pleased to welcome its two newest public utility members – the City of Cheyenne, Board of Public Utilities, in Cheyenne Wyoming, and Jefferson City Public Works Department, in Jefferson City, Missouri – both serving populations of approximately 74, 000.   We look forward to working with these cities and having the full membership benefit from their engagement.

The Association looks forward to welcoming more new members in the months to come and sincerely appreciates its members’ support in this effort. Together we will elevate water as a top national priority.

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