Water, NACWA and the 2016 Election Cycle


It’s finally over. One of the most unique presidential elections in history.  It was the first election where both presidential candidates actually focused on infrastructure and used the word “water” multiple times in multiple speeches – a victory for our often-overlooked sector!  NACWA has always maintained that water is a uniquely bipartisan or non-partisan issue. It is also clear that we have a unique opportunity to collaborate as a sector, speak with one voice and elevate clean water as a top national priority.

As NACWA’s Leadership assembles this week in Alexandria, VA, for a strategic planning session, our discussion will focus on three key issues  – all chosen before this election:

  • affordability and low-income rate issues;
  • the role of the water professional post-Flint and the need to speak truth to power on water issues; and
  • the need for Clean Water Act reform and an expanding regulatory regime.

Addressing these issues are matters of common sense and, at their heart, of national economic, public health and environmental well-being. Politics is context, but the collective voice of clean water agencies is one of substance, and speaks to pressing needs that demand the support of both political parties. Before the election, NACWA reached out to the Trump campaign via an official letter emphasizing the need to focus on water infrastructure, and expressing optimism that the renewed commitment to infrastructure must continue should he win the election.

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