Words of Wisdom from a Law Seminar Fan


I am in the unique position of having attended NACWA’s National Clean Water Law Seminar both as a member and now as NACWA staff. The Law Seminar really is a one-of-a-kind conference and was enormously valuable to me when I attended in my capacity as General Counsel for SD1. In fact, with just one exception, I consistently ranked the Law Seminar as the single most important annual conference during the budget process (the one exception was the year that NACWA held their summer conference in Alaska, which managed to surpass the law seminar in my rankings – location, location, location).

This year I have the privilege of planning the Seminar with the assistance of our wise and wonderful Legal Affairs Committee Chairs Hilary Meltzer and Susan Myers. I clearly have a vested interest in enticing you to attend but hopefully you will consider my mostly unbiased review of the perks and advantages of this great event and then promptly complete the registration form for the 2015 National Clean Water Law Seminar to be held November 4-6 in Henderson, Nevada.

1.Give me a Break!
We will give you many in the form of receptions, coffee breaks, etc. I believe that the Seminar’s greatest value comes from the face-to-face connections that occur and the sharing of collective knowledge. In our busy world of conference calls and webinars, we often fail to make time for conferences and forget the importance of live meetings with others from the clean water community. And while the program will be chock full of the latest and greatest legal and regulatory issues, the coffee breaks and receptions often yield as many benefits by providing ample non-structured opportunities to network, share stories, successes, challenges and lessons learned. Be sure to take full advantage of these invaluable networking breaks.

2. Learn Lots and Get Credit.
No matter how experienced you are at dealing with your utility’s or client’s legal issues, the legal and regulatory landscape is constantly shifting and evolving (or devolving in many cases). The Seminar is designed to inform attendees of the most significant issues facing the sector, offer strategies, considerations and potential solutions and help prepare the sector for issues on the horizon. The program will provide insights that will be relevant to any attorney or public agency manager working on municipal wastewater and stormwater issues. And for those of you who are looking for CLEs – this is the place. We even have an hour of ethics credits available.

3. Share, Share, Share.
We understand the importance of being able to readily access and share the information and presentations delivered at the Seminar. Our new meeting app makes it easier than ever to share information with your colleagues back home.

4. Have fun.
If you think legal conferences are dull, you haven’t been to a NACWA Law Seminar, which always has fun surprises, including the annual satirical skits performed by our renowned TMDL Players. In addition to your fun-filled days at the Seminar, I encourage you to take some extra time at the beginning or end of the trip to explore or visit friends in the region. I am a great lover of National Parks and our location is within close proximity to the Grand Circle of National Parks. Some of the most scenic and spectacular places on earth are a short drive away. There is also a certain city right next door to Henderson that can be easily accessed from our site.

I look forward to seeing you in Vegas, I mean Henderson, in November.

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